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Thank you for visiting this most important section of the Charity’s web site.


Donations are vital because even a registered charity run by volunteers cannot operate without costs. For two years this one had only been able to do what we've done thanks to the energy and personal contributions of our co-founders, plus some modest donations and masses of help of a small but dedicated team of Trustees and volunteers.


The Charity's track record had already been quietly impressive and then our November 2016 events in Brighton showed that our aspirations for bigger things were achievable. The BRIGHTON'S SECRET AGENTS initiative only became a reality thanks to our established partnership with the University of Sussex history department, because this had enabled what would prove a successful application for significant fundingto be made to The Gerry Holdsworth Special Forces Charitable Trust.


The Charity must now consolidate this success and so the 'refresh' of our web site is also our call to arms to anyone and everyone sympathetic to our core activities. We very much hope you'll respond without delay because donations - be they modest or massive - are now more vital than ever as the Charity's life blood.


   WHY DONATE? ... because without ongoing funding we won't be able to move forward with our key aims, which are to -

  • Keep engaging wider audiences and especially the young

  • Record and collate veterans’ memories, documents and images

  • Assist veterans and veterans' families, and also researchers and writers

  • Develop more initiatives for schools and in further education, supported by online learning resources

  • Continue to instigate commemorative events and public engagement opportunities

  • Establish more links between museums, veterans associations, learning institutions and local communities

        in France as well as Britain

  • Create a special new section of this web site consisiting of relevant pages translated into French

  • Improve and expand this web site as the Charity's resource platform and also the 'shop window' for fundraising

        and promotion

  • Create the maximum possible public awareness of all the above

You can also read some FAQs by clicking HERE

If you'd like to make a donation please click HERE for the ways you could do this, and also learn how you could help us in another ways

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