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The Secret WW2 Learning Network does what it says on the tin - and so to help you discover more about the 'secret' aspects of WW2 we can put you in touch with the right people, and also send you to the right places. We'll continue to add links for more information and learning resources - some of it exclusive to this web site but also via many links to reliable third-party sources.


Our Network embraces many specialist museums in Britain, France and elsewhere - and we're also building up a database of commemorative sites so that the web site can eventually include geo-based information to show what and where they are, and what each has to offer.


We have well established links with a wide-range of specialist independent researchers who know their way round many national and local archives, and we also have access to specialist academics, online forums and veterans associations. So one way or another, we may well be able to help with your particular research.

Our Fact Files are still being created but if you click HERE you'll get a good idea of what will soon be available.


The Secret WW2 Learning Network already works with a number of universities, schools, museums and other education partners. So by all means CONTACT US to discover how our expertise, contacts, and resources might benefit your project.


Our web site will soon contain a listing of recommended reading and also feature reveiews of new books, and also relevant films, and radio & TV programmes.


We're already on Facebook but our own discussion forum will be coming soon.


Over the last fifteen years the Charity's co-founder Martyn Cox has filmed nearly one hundred fifty oral history interviews with 'secret warrior' veterans and also with historians and writers, and his camera teams have also covered many events in Britain and France. This means that a series of special programmes and also shorter films can be made and these will be made available via either this web site or its forthcoming sister-site

There'll always be something new to read here

Click HERE for our contact page

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