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Personal stories from our Friends and supporters

This section of our web site is reserved for stories of family/friend connections to relevant 'secret war' accounts.

If you have one of your own that you feel worthy of a wider audience, please submit it for consideration via

Irena Piwarska.jpg

"She was the best of us all"

The first contribution comes from Magda Thomas, Friend of The SWW2LN and one of the 'stars' of the BBC TV series Secret Agent Selection: WW2  If you watched the series, Magda was the expert stalker! If you haven't watched the programme...try it, it was very good and realistic. Magda tells the tragic story of her great-aunt who served in the Polish Resistance.

FS Arthur Stokes DFM - second from left.

"An Invaluable Asset to the Squadron"

The second tribute comes from supporter Steve Stokes (and his son, Graeme), with thanks to Carol Browne, Information Officer for The SWW2LN and Paul McCue, Trustee. Steve tells us the story of his decorated cousin, Flight Sergeant Arthur Stokes DFM.

Kenneth Cohen. Bremen [US zone], Feb 194

Commander Kenneth Cohen organised the largest tripartite intelligence operation of the war

Our third tribute comes from supporter Colin Cohen. It's not often we have contributions about the Secret Intelligence Service (S.I.S. - popularly known as M.I.6), other than the excellent newsletters from our friend Geoffrey Pidgeon, an S.I.S. veteran of WW2. Colin has provided these fascinating images and a note concerning his father.

Tessier 2.JPG

Escape from the Paris Gestapo

In 2020 Trustee Paul McCue began research into Captain Paul Tessier of F Section, SOE - one of the 104 agents commemorated on the F Section Memorial at Valencay in the Indre department  of central France. The Roll of Honour for F Section, a (so far) 10-year project undertaken by Paul, is nearing completion, now with just six more cases to be tackled.

Rubinstein 2.jpg

"He was the Most Modest of Men"

Submitted by SWW2LN supporter and AJEX Archivist Martin Sugarman. 


'I met Dick by accident when a colleague member of AJEX attended an Air Show at Duxford in 2002 and Dick was there signing prints, probably of RAF Special Duties Squadrons/Jedburgh subjects. My colleague got me Dick’s contacts and I telephoned him and he invited me to interview him on audio tape at his home in Hendon.'

Remembrance photo.jpg

How a ring tells the story of a forgotten secret agent

Text by Jon Kelly, Senior Journalist, BBC; research by Paul McCue (Trustee) and Pat Vinycomb (Friend) of the SWW2LN.

The SWW2LN plays a part in the BBC's story of a ring and a forgotten secret agent.

A French World War Two hero who worked as a British agent behind enemy lines had been forgotten. But now his story can be told - thanks to a 98 year old British veteran and a golden engagement ring.

Claire 1.jpg

OPERATION CORONA - Claire's story

The story of a participant in CORONA, Claire Dyment was written by Dr Tim Austin and submitted via SWW2LN Supporter Diana Henry.


OPERATION CORONA was a secret WW2 initiative by the RAF to confuse German night fighters during Bomber Command raids on German cities during WW2. The operation was first launched during the attack on the German industrial centre of Kassel on the night of 22/23 October 1943.


This is the false passport he used.

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