Group visit to the Military Intelligence Museum and the Shuttleworth 'Special Duties' Lysand

The Charity has just hosted a two-centre group outing to the Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands and The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Aerodrome - both in Bedfordshire.

Old Warden is the home of the only airworthy Westland Lysander in its WW2 'special duties' configuration - this being the aircraft used by the RAF to clandestinely carry SOE and SIS agents to and from occupied France, and also bring back French resisters and politicians, and downed Allied airmen. Jim Box, a Shuttleworth volunteer and Lysander expert, used display panels to explain how the Lysander pilots managed to land their aircraft in foreign fields at night, and pointed out the key in the cockpit used to flash a signal to the Reception Committee on the ground. Items on display included a 'Biscuit Tin' radio receiver and RAF flying boots which included a razor blade hidden in the fur. This was so a airman downed in enemy territory and obviously hoping to evade capture, could easily cut off the tops to create footwear that looked more like a civilian's pair of shoes.

Photos courtesy of Carol Brown, Ian Titman & Martyn Cox

More information on the Military Intelligence Museum and the Shuttleworth Collection's Westland Lysander:

Video of the Shuttleworth Lysander in the air -