OSS Station Victor: Revealed and remembered

Two days before the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the charity took part in a hugely-successful event at Hurley in Berkshire when a commemorative plaque marking the WW2 site of OSS Station VICTOR, was unveiled by Charles Pinck, the President of the OSS Society.

The organiser, Phil Mullins, is to be congratulated, co-Founder Martyn Cox was instrumental in formulating the idea of a plaque and Trustee Paul McCue offered organisational advice along the way and arranged representation (Lt-Col Eric Ygrand of the French Air Force) via the French Embassy. On the big day itself Paul, Carol Brown (Information Officer) and Louisa Russell (Chair) staffed a presentation table that included the history of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services - the American equivalent of SOE) and its spawning of the present-day CIA and US special forces. It also covered the fate of five OSS agents killed on active service while seconded to French Section, SOE. Alongside, Ian Titman (Friend of Secret WW2) was on hand with a presentation on Lysander 'special duties' air operations and added much to his credibility by arriving in an Aston-Martin DB6 and announcing "it was this or the Rolls"!

To the other side Nick Fox, another Friend of Secret WW2, co-staffed the table for the Military Intelligence Museum; and Peter Dixon, also a Friend, promoted his excellent book Guardians of Churchill's Secret Army Our Charity's table attracted a lot of attention, several new supporters and a Friend were signed up and a roaring trade was done in postcard and book sales. Other Friends and Supporters at the event included MI6 veteran, Geoffrey Pidgeon, Lt Col Ingram Murray, Mark Brown, Nick Livingstone, Ann Palmer, Neil Kiley, Tim Battle, and Carina Evans and family.