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Last Post for Captain Arthur Steele of French Section, SOE

Our Charity's supporter Carole Yeats travelled from Southampton to Brookwood Military Cemetery on Sunday 2nd June for the monthly Last Post ceremony of our partner organisation, the Brookwood Last Post Association. Carole was there to honour the memory of Captain Steele of the MONK circuit in Marseille, executed at Buchenwald concentration camp in September 1944.

Carole's father had served with Steele in the pre-war band of the Royal Artillery before their ways parted when Steele volunteered for SOE. Carole had been unaware that her father's friend was officially commemorated at Brookwood, just a few stops up the railway line from Southampton. In addition to leaving flowers and a commemorative document at the Memorial to the Missing 1939-1945 where Steele is listed, Carole was invited to read the Exhortation at the Last Post ceremony and Trustee Paul McCue read out details of his service and death. Refreshments after the event were kindly provided by our supporters Edd and Dagmar at The Trench Experience. The commemoration of Steele comes only two months after the similar commemoration at Brookwood of Captain Charles Skepper, the leader of the MONK circuit. Later in the year, commemoration is expected at Brookwood of another member of MONK, Eliane Plewman.

Brookwood Last Post Association:

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