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Brighton's Secret Agents: at Carlton Hill Primary School


The SOE operative Captain Ronald Taylor, who served behind enemy lines in occupied Italy, was born in 1916 at the family home at 29 Carlton Street; but the housing in this area of Brighton was demolished well before the start of the Second World War and the site of Capt Taylor's birthplace is now occupied by Carlton Hill Primary School.

Undeterred by the absence of his original home, the charity aims to create a short length of specially built wall during 2017 to replace a section of the school's existing perimeter fence facing Sussex Street, so that its blue plaque in memory of Ronald Taylor can be placed on the new wall and officially unveiled.

On November 17th the charity's co-founder and CEO Martyn Cox made a presentation to pupils and staff to explain Ron Taylor's role during WW2, and he even brought along the actual blue plaque so that the school's Headteacher Tamsen Beer, and also some of her staff and pupils, could have a sneak preview. (To read more about Capt Ronald Taylor click HERE)


Tim Davis then told the audience about the brand new children's novel written by his late wife Anne de Cintra, who had lived in Brighton but died in 2014.

Can You Keep A Secret? is aimed at 9-13 year olds and has been illustrated by the Brighton-based illustrator Louise Prentice. Tim explained that Anne's research was a myriad of actual civilian wartime experiences during France's occupation including those of patriots who had resisted.

Many of these have been condensed for the novel as if observed by a fictional French girl who inadvertently comes into contact with an Allied secret agent. The ensuing moral dilemma provided the novel's title; and Tim read excerpts to the pupils and staff, as well as giving them promotional items. (To read more about Can You Keep A Secret? click HERE)

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