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December 2021

The SWW2LN's Two Honorary Life Friends

Within the ranks of SWW2LN supporters, we have been honoured to number four ‘secret war’ veterans. Two, Dr. Steve Weiss, who served with the OSS in occupied France during WW2, and Geoffrey Pidgeon, a 17-year-old wartime recruit to SIS/MI6, are sadly no longer with us. 

Jack Mann, has a remarkable service record, having served with the Royal Corps of Signals, the Long Range Desert Group and the Special Boat Squadron of the SAS.

Squadron Leader (ret'd) Stanley Booker, MBE, Légion d'honneur, was a wartime Halifax navigator, shot down in France in June 1944. Ptcked up by the French Resistance, but betrayed, Stanley followed captured SOE agents to Buchenwald concentration camp. Postwar he continued in the RAF, served in Intelligence and with SIS/MI6.


Jack Mann.png

                                           Jack Mann                                                    Stanley Booker

Jack, pictured for an interview in the Victory Services Club. Photo: Jon Sharman, The Independent.

We welcome Geoffrey and Jack, look forward to seeing them in 2021 and are honoured to count them in our ranks.

Credits: Paul McCue, MoD, The Independent

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