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When it comes to the history of WW2 special operations and secret intelligence, the word 'fact' has to be used with great caution! That's because a considerable number of official files from the archives are still not available, and those who actually took part are now either very elderly or have died.


Many of the official records can now be accessed of course - via the National Archives at Kew and elsewhere in Britain and overseas - but they don't necessarily tell the whole story. Meanwhile the world wide web has become a terrific free resource, but it's also an outlet for a lot of flawed information which has often been placed online in good faith by amateur enthsiasts who may be well-intentioned but not necessarily well-informed!


This means that far too many inaccuracies about the Second World War are already 'out there' on web sites which appear authoritative and credible but are not, and so WW2 myths regularly become self-perpetuating online. This is why the Secret WW2 Learning Network works only with the most informed historians, researchers and writers - our policy will be "if we don't know it we won't show it" and we'll only provide links to other web sites if their content is known to be reliable.


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