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How to support the Charity via donations and in other ways

We very much hope you'll donate. PayPal can be quick and easy, but not everyone wishes to use it and so additional payment options are given below. Links to further information are embedded in each of these sections.

Get news from us and also help spread the word

Click HERE and send us your email address, and then we can keep you posted.


And if you know of people or represenatatives of any companies and organisations you think would be intererested in what we do, then please tell them about the Charity ... or let us know who they are via our CONTACT page. We're also on Facebook:

As well as knowing you're helping with our important educational role, the additional benefits

of subscribing to our Friends' membership scheme are that you'll receive:

  • A programme of events throughout the year

  • Priority for any bookings required for events

  • Reduced fees for any chargeable events

  • An invitation to an annual Friends' lunch

  • A bi-monthly programme of free, online lectures, interviews or presentations

Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra- merely the time to download a form, fill it in and send it off.

In order for Secret WW2 to claim Gift Aid on any payment you make, you'll need to download, fill out and return the correct declaration form. Click HERE if you'll be making a SINGLE donation - and HERE for MULTIPLE donations.


There's further information on Gift Aid here:

By cheque

Cheques should be posted to the Chair of our Trustees, and the address plus other details are available by clicking here. Your donations could qualify under the Gift Aid scheme - but in order for Secret WW2 to claim Gift Aid on any payments you make, you'll need to download, fill out and return the correct declaration form. (See the Gift Aid section above.)

By bank transfer

Payments can be paid directly into the Charity's bank account with the NatWest - please click HERE for the account details. Your donations could qualify under the Gift Aid scheme 

Buy a book

... you could also suggest to any friends who are interested in 'secret WW2' that they too could buy a book via the Charity's web site and, soon we hope, also items of merchandise.

Click HERE for our three special books.

Help us to arrange a fundraising event

If you think there'd be sufficient interest in your local community or area for a 'Secret WW2' themed event as a fundraiser - perhaps a talk by one of our Trustees or specialist historian friends - then please email our Events team via the CONTACT page.

Or you could go it alone ...

If you have sufficient knowledge of a partucular aspect 'secret WW2' then we'd love it if you could arrange your own talk or event, however modest, as a fundraiser for our Charity. To help you we may be able to supply you with speaker support by way of extra historical information and perhaps even some PowerPoint and display material; so by all means contact our Events team via the CONTACT page.

Do you teach History?

If so then we could not only suggest some 'secret WW2' topics appropriate for the ages of your pupils or students but also help you with classroom material including recorded interviews on video and audio, plus archive documents and photos.


Why not join our team of volunteers? We already have some great people who help us - either from home with admin, or in person at events - but we'd welcome a few more! To get in touch please use our CONTACT page.

Feedback and ideas ...

We'd very much welcome your feedback as to other types of fundraising and other activities the Charity could instigate ... what, when and where ... and especially if you may be able to help in some way with the organisation of 'something'. If you have any suggestions please get in touch with us via the CONTACT page.

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