Update on SOE veteran James Edgar's 100th birthday

James Edgar Ld’H CdeG lives in Western Australia. He served with SOE in Europe and the Far East, and is now one of its last surviving members. As a member of 62 Commando in October 1942, James took part in what would become the infamous Operation Basalt; he then parachuted into occupied France in July 1944 as a wireless operator for the SOE Tilleul Mission; and in 1945 served with SOE's Force 136 in Burma. Last month - on May 21st - we sent James our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Quite a party had been planned, but due to the pandemic restrictions it had to be considerably downsized. A family friend in London who'd phoned the Edgars on the day, has very kin

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