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It is largely through Friends' subscriptions that we can fund bursaries and subscriptions, hire venues,

purchase equipment, create plaques etc. No-one is paid, other than for legitimate expenses, so the

vast majority of income from subscriptions goes straight to activity costs.


In addition to knowing that you're helping in our important educational role, in return for your

subscription to our Friends' membership scheme, you'll receive:

  • A quarterly newsletter

  • A programme of events throughout the year

  • Priority for any bookings required for our events

  • Reduced fees for any chargeable events

  • An invitation to an annual Friends' conference and lunch

  • A quarterly programme of free, online lectures, interviews, films or presentations

  • News of our educational scholarship and bursaries

We'd be very grateful if you do become a Friend of Secret WW2 - and don't forget that your payment will qualify for Gift Aid.

Click HERE to download an application form 

Many thanks!

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